Spectators FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I find out if RaceSafe will be used at a certain event?

All events upcoming in the next fortnight that use RaceSafe can be found on the Event Viewer page. Upcoming events are also shown on the official RallySafe Android and iPhone Apps. Make sure to check back often to see if your event is featured!

Can I access the results of previously run RaceSafe events?

The event viewer allows you to view the results of every event that was completed in the past fortnight. We are currently in the process of expanding the event viewer functionality to encompass results from all previously run RaceSafe events! The Mobile Apps currently display results for live events only.

How often are vehicle locations updated on the RaceSafe Event Viewer and Mobile Apps?

Each competitor’s location is updated once every two kilometres travelled from the start line. Events using the cellular network will update every second unless the network is unavailable, in which case the system will return to satellite tracking.

Does RaceSafe show designated spectator areas?

The RallySafe Event Viewer and Mobile Apps do not currently show designated spectator areas. Please refer to your event’s Spectator Guide for this information.

Do the Mobile Apps work outside of cellular range?

Although our RaceSafe units can operate anywhere in the world, unfortunately our mobile apps do require internet access which means cellular coverage is required.

What can we expect to find on the RaceSafe mobile app?

The RaceSafe Mobile Apps offer live tracking for all boats whilst also providing provisional leg, split and results timing.

Still haven’t answered your question? Please don’t hesitate to contact us here for any queries you may have!