FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do the stick on and bolt on antenna's differ?

The bolt-on antenna provides a more robust long-term solution than the temporary fitting kit’s stick-on adhesive antenna. If you are planning to compete in several events involving RaceSafe, the permanent fitting kit is preferable.

Once I have the RaceSafe unit installed, will people be able to see where I park my boat overnight?

The RaceSafe Event Viewer and Mobile Apps only offer live tracking once the event start date has passed, at which point tracking is available between the hours of 8:00AM and 6:00PM until the event has concluded.

How much power does the RaceSafe unit require? Will it drain the boat battery if left on overnight?

Considerable effort has been put into making the unit function on as little power as possible. The RaceSafe unit draws no more than your road car’s radio does on standby. The unit will recognise when it is stationary, and quickly dim the screen and turn off non-vital transmissions to conserve power.

We have tested RaceSafe units on small dry cell battery’s for several days consecutively (while sending constant transmissions) and still not reduced the battery to under 12Vdc.

How long does shipping take for a fitting kit?

Shipping for any Australian addresses will take 1-2 working days. Shipping to International addresses will take 5-7 working days. It is important to allow time for shipping when ordering your fitting kit before your first event.

When will I receive my RaceSafe unit?

The most common point of handout will be at event documentation, if not the RaceSafe personnel may be fitting the equipment in scrutineering.

A temporary antenna was fitted to my boat at an event. Do I need to take any action after the event has concluded?

Most likely this means that your existing 3 in 1 antenna has a fault. Please contact RaceSafe as soon as possible to organise a warranty replacement. If possible, make note of the serial number engraved on top of the antenna and pass on this information to RallySafe staff.

I had to retire from the rally early but still have my RaceSafe unit. What should I do with it?

Please return the RaceSafe unit to Race Control. There should be an Official or RaceSafe representative available for unit hand-in.

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