• RaceSafe H2O™ Overview

    RaceSafe H2O identifies vessels that are stationary or moving below race speed and sensors are set to instantly warn approaching vessels of any situation that has occurred above or below a predetermined range.

    RaceSafe H2O provides interactive communication between competitors and race control and doesn't rely on vessel power to operate in an emergency.

    An inherent safety feature of the RaceSafe H2O unit being, that even in the event of a collision, utilising an internal battery, the communications are continuous.

    Safety warnings to competitors are displayed automatically on the RaceSafe H2O unit on board their boat, whilst manual interaction for driver and observer is simple, with the press of a button.

    Although safety is the number one priority function of the RaceSafe H2O™ system, three other key benefit streams are - timing , tracking and performance data reporting.

    Click here for RaceSafe H2O specific videos and instructions.